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SCS Software message board Skip to content. Fast links. Additionally problems so it could look unfavorable to potential work lovers going forward if SCS allow mods which could possibly utilize unlicensed marketing. To get more details, please examine chapters [4] and [5] of Forum Rules.

It’s into the works, additionally the very first beta must certanly be call at a short time. It will have a similar features as ETS 2 Studio currently has. This thread will from here on out serve as our release, discussion and technical support thread for several things concerning the old yet still supported ETS 2 Studio as well as when it comes to, now removing, migration up to Mods Studio! An alteration of rate is within purchase Our work up to now has been based down readily available some time motivation to the project. Most of everything you see in ETS 2 Studio is the item of days as of the full time of this writing in development and 10 released variations.

Almost all of this time was time allocated to actuality responsibilities. Despite the fact that our objective is, as always, doing the maximum amount of act as we can because of the time given to us there is however a few limiting elements. One main limiting factor being that of real life economic restrictions. Trust me, when we could, we might simply take a day off actual life and invest it establishing.

Particularly the time it actually needs, which can be at least a complete day of uninterrupted scheduling which you could focus on some feature or a few from beginning to end in one go. The greater of the whole times, the greater we could do aided by the task in a timely manner. Therefore, we’ve established an IndieGogo promotion, where you could subscribe to the task!

To sum up, if the promotion is successful, it would not merely allow us to free up amount of time in our schedules for development. It could also provide us with a solid foundation for the task heading on to the future. It could let us blend in a bit of fun and a heightened sense of community through relationship with similar in manners that otherwise would be also expensive or absence the flare we are finding. But primarily, it might assist us by turning the project around from something which is financed primarily out of our personal pouches into a thing that we, not only can pay for, but something that would allow us to allot time far from our bill-paying day jobs in to the project.

Quite simply, we are going to nonetheless focus on the task. That is confirmed. If the promotion is successful, I will be able to do a lot more than we presently are!

Looking to the long run As I earlier mentioned, this bond will now serve as the discussion, technical support and revisions for all our tasks combined beneath the title Mods Studio. Our first objective in this collective project is get ATS Studio up and running, that is currently for reasons explained above falling behind “schedule”.

March upgrade Since many people are nonetheless requesting it This has maybe not been updated since August , so that it might not are anticipated because of the present versions of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

We will make an innovative new variation, so stay tuned in. Last edited by supersobes on 26 Jan , edited 5 times as a whole. Mods Studio 2 enhance Join our formal Discord Assistance, tips, troubleshooting, tutorials, behind-the-scenes and more! 2nd, is have installer like once ETS2 Studio had.

We had a poll running about it and also the outcomes had been like this:. Many time in the near future, one of many features that might be nice to possess is an automobile updater. It must be the official device. Best of luck along with your new project. We nonetheless keep ets2studio installer and updated every improvement zip on top of exactly the same data after and used shortcuts from installer still, good tiny detail that’s all Happy to see brand new functions awaiting modders.

Bravo men So, yes you’re right modest guy, i required “all of you”. That is internet surfers searching this forum: No new users and 1 visitor. Dark subsilver2 theme is dependent on discussion board tricolor ‘s version.


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Apr 15,  · Mods Studio 2 v from Mods Studio 2 v from Sharemods Mods Studio 2 v from Mods Studio 2 v from Mods Studio 2 v from Old Mods Studio / ETS2 Studio Versions. In case you want to download old ETS2 Studio or ATS Studio, here you will find the links to the most recent versions. Apr 04,  · How to download. 1. Click button under. 2. Download should start in 2nd web page. Create down load link. File title: ATS_Mods_Studio_zip. Uploaded on: . We’ll produce a whole new application called ATS Mods Studio. It will contain all the features that current version of ETS2 Studio aids. We are going to add new features to both programs (ATS and ETS2 Mods studio). Two most prominent functions will be: 3D Truck Skin preview and Parts Creator. The very first allow you to preview the skin on a.

Save and export economic climate. Truck and Trailers editor working good but game factors dont work!!! Old and brand-new profile dont work online game variable change in this version ets2 studio v0. Kindly fix this case for 1. Can you please deliver your mod file to marin ets2studio. We’ll have a look, repair it, and post it straight back. And, I’ll see just what the problem is, and so I can fix-it into the application it self. Many thanks for reporting this! You may want to think about exactly what you’re downloading.

Which website link have you been downloading from? Could it be a fake advertisement “Download” button? FYI to those downloading a virus, I’d to disable my anti-virus software until the program had been put in.

Said it had been a Trojan, in this way it is because it allows you to definitely inject your custom skins. Ik zou u heel dankbaar zijn! Hi , I am here because i needed to generate more cargo material for trucks in the online game and someone told me about your tool. What about making some nice tutorials in what precisely your resources does?

That way people who is looking for anything particular are encouraged to use it along with your mod will be more popular. Think about it;. You’re right – we want tutorials. Ideally, we’ll get a hold of someone who could write all of them. I’d volunteer as a tutorial-writer English and German and I also would also volunteer as a programmer.

Hello, i’m Brazilian and I think that few here within my country understand their particular software, which will be fantastic, good. Our language, EN, replace the. By , and a mistake occurs on the requisition of the trailer in ETS2, and another bug is duplicate the folder title of this truck, eg.

Think about readily available movies of how to use and improve bug commas. Sorry for not talking their language, because we have been a Latin country. Its realize i am rather happy in making use of your pc software. The comma bug is ideally fixed. We are going to launch a hotfix down the road these days or tomorrow at the most recent. It’s to pass a version associated with the mod and fix it to version 1. I will be newbie in the business. Marin I’ve been wanting to install your products, but was unable, coz the links are not working.

I am making use of Bing Chrome. In addition tried IE8. Are you able to offer me various other backlinks. Sorry to listen to that. These days or the next day in the latest we’ll release an innovative new version wit bug repairs. It’s going to be hosted on more different hosts and we’ll get rid of the adfly links. So, hopefully you will have even more luck with downloading. Thanks for stating the issue!

Hello, I installed the program. I’m unable to utilize the option to lock the scs file. You can add even more basics for generating standalone trailers.

For the present time, that is all. Hi, we left an equivalent opinion somewhere else, most likely where no person would expect it. I’m utilizing Vista 64bit with Service 2 and cannot get it to finis. Instead I get an Access Mistake. My file system is NTFS. Tried to transform authorization without success. To date i possibly could maybe not complete any project and even save yourself the task file.

I am with the newest version on Microsoft windows 8. It did not allowed me personally in the beginning to open up the trailer base of the tandem truck.

An hour or two later it I want to open up it, then again i really couldn’t export the mod. It offers myself the default C script error pop up. When incorporating a brand new vehicle out this mistake.

Issue is, truck skins are not working. Initially, make sure the skins aren’t showing in the dealer plus in the workshop. If you haven’t set the ‘Set skin as stock’ choice, your paintjob defintely won’t be noticeable at the dealer.

It’s going to only be noticeable at the workshop. Kindly check the help apply for more suggestions about any of it. If nothing else works, please deliver me personally the mod file, and I also’ll take a peek. Operating now i do believe it is because I happened to be using money letters when you look at the epidermis name and nowhere else thank you for the assistance though So i get the mod exported but it doesnt show up ingame, the log is mistake free and I also have followed the tutorial.

The mod loads but no skin noticeable :. The Cabin is certainly not properly chosen. Needless to say you will need to replace the cabin style to your car or truck. If it is a Scania, obviously you can’t utilize a MAN cabin. I made only a little tutorial that points away this bug, if it’s one. Also, We have a table with all standard cabin’s at the end of the tutorial. Hello Marin, astonished to replay that quickly. I am on a different device now, and so I did not locate the fix right.

If this will correct it using the themes, then I does that. It could be much easier than modifying the def file.

Sometime the online world is simply too vast to get the needle. I am talking about I will see the my unique truck name truth be told there,but after couple of seconds the overall game will crash and i never now why because everytime whenever I try to produce a trailer skin I prefer the help guide as a guide to ensure that we today exactly what I have to do.

So can you please help me with that,because i wrilly need which will make my personal trailer skins. Many thanks for the aid in advance. Problem is, vehicle skins. Thanks Game log entry is i am performing as instructed when you look at the assistance section to create a skin, but it simply won’t show it ingame. There is difficulty with the ‘suitable for’ selection for cabs. Attempt leaving those as it is when making a skin, and than see if it works.

I can not conserve the beds base color for a blue epidermis. I have made a yellow based skin before, and truth be told there it does save the beds base color so my mirrors switched yellow.

However with a blue base color chosen my mirrors stay white. How do you solve this? It might be great if into the system had an alternative to prevent the mod’s but for the mod’s and not only those made from this program. Where is the problem in the program because my hand-made skins aren’t used into in-game paintjobs list?

Hi there i made an epidermis by hand and i done as said aided by the problems nevertheless the skin still will not show up for the vehicles. I have done skins within the last with ets2 studio, and they work perfectly.

Any plans on a “Simple tips to” movie? An innovative new variation is within the works, and the workflow is going to be very different. We are going to develop a how to video clip for the new one. Many thanks, I did nevertheless find a “How To” movie on YouTube by using this system and I now firmly believe that this system just isn’t comparable with Microsoft windows 8.

I adopted that video step by step and my problem is the “Browse” boxes wont open for me to also go try to find files thus I say this has to be tested on Windows 8 with your brand-new version cause We cant have the “Browse” cardboard boxes to pop in and work. At the time of development, I became using windows 8, and so I’m sure it works.

I also utilized house windows 8.