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They simply use our Smart Pill Bottle like an ordinary container, and they get personalized support sent to their phone, via text message or computerized phone call. Our objective will be the absolute most smooth piece of technology that a patient ever makes use of. Patients get our Smart Pill Bottle along with their medication, plus they put it to use the same as a standard bottle. It really works out of the package with zero setup. This can be a straightforward note, a customized message, or a care-based concern.

Patient responses may also be examined. The device works seamlessly with landlines, mobile phones, or smart phones. Pharmacists can obtain real time reports about which customers might need timely support – and follow up with them straight to provide prompt treatment. This was a wonderful knowledge about this pharmacy co. Many thanks for the help and also the sort way you worked with me and my children with this difficult time. I wish you all a Happy New 12 months! We really love my smart bottle and am thankful for obtaining the opportunity to utilize it.

Many thanks. Individual Top-5 drugstore. This service is indeed amazing. And so valued. Patient Top pharmacy. Thank you Individual Top drugstore.


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Jan 07,  · The AdhereTech bottle can alert customers when it is time for you to simply take their medicine, either through a telephone call or text, or via blinking light right into the container. Additionally has actually an invisible CDMA chip that projected viewing Time: 5 minutes. Users have smart reminders if they forget a dose. Our connected hardware chirps to give you noticeable reminders that support healthy medication practices. Reminders may also be delivered via app notification, text, or automatic telephone call. Reminders can also be . AdhereTech has actually amassed the world’s biggest dataset of medication adherence behavior from actual customers. Our HIPAA-compliant software system analyzes lots of information feeds, which only AdhereTech can access, such as for example: real-time adherence information from our products, diligent messages & feedback, and drugstore inputs & data.

Enterprise-grade platform for remote client support and fast growth of connected medicine experiences. The next benefits are available in the Pillsy app. Building your own application? People have wise reminders if they forget a dose. Our connected hardware chirps to offer apparent reminders that assistance healthier medicine habits. Reminders can be sent via app notification, text, or automated phone call.

Reminders may also be deterred for take-as-needed services and products and medical scientific studies. Pillsy conveniently marks the dosage as taken once the user opens up the bottle, without necessity to start the software. Data is saved in the device and syncs opportunistically, even if the software is certainly not established from the smartphone. Pillsy’s software monitors staying medicines or vitamins and may order refills exactly when much more are essential. API-based integrations are meant to specialty and mail-order pharmacies as well as leading trade platforms.

Develop consumer surveys and enable patients to produce self-reported information. Our system also supports many different Bluetooth and cellular-based remote monitoring devices, including wireless blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose yards, machines, pulse oximeters and more.

Individualized educational content can be exhibited in the Pillsy app, or created for your own customized software. People will get support from their particular expert assistance group on Pillsy’s HIPAA-compliant system, including diligent assistance solutions hubs, specialty pharmacies, health providers, and members of the family. Connected Medication Platform Enterprise-grade platform for remote patient support and quick growth of connected medication experiences.

Benefits for End-Users:. Smart Reminders people get smart reminders once they forget a dose. Seamless Dose monitoring Pillsy conveniently marks the dosage as taken whenever individual opens the container, without the need to start the software. More Convenient Refills Pillsy’s computer software monitors staying medications or nutrients and that can purchase refills precisely when much more are expected.

Patient-Reported information Develop customer surveys and enable patients to give you self-reported information. Personalized Educational Content Personalized educational content are exhibited into the Pillsy app, or created on your own customized software.

Caregiver Support Network customers will get help from their professional support group on Pillsy’s HIPAA-compliant platform, including diligent support services hubs, niche pharmacies, medical providers, and family unit members. Before I had monitoring applications, but would forget to truly keep track of whenever I took my tablets. Having it immediately track ensures I remember and not increase through to medicine.

I have suggested it to several physicians and assistance staff as something to aid with any person challenged with adherence. Pillsy has actually solved that issue in my situation. I happened to be in an auto accident a couple years ago, and suffered a pretty bad concussion. Most things are returning to normal, but my memory is terrible about certain things. 1 / 2 the times i might skip using my thyroid medicine totally, and other days I would go on it twice.

Negative! Pillsy registers when I’ve taken a product without a fault. Selected Clients. Drop us a line. All Rights Reserved.