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VideoHelp Forum. Remember me personally? Try StreamFab All-in-One and tear streaming video clip! Outcomes 1 to 25 of Freemake Video Converter without Logo? Regarding Freemake Video Converter old variations: variation 4.

Does anyone know? Even in the event someone can answer that – logic dicatates that it could be Version 3. this system has been taken off this website and there’s been a great amount of discussion of it being maybe not safe. There are plenty of other converters available to you without logos etc. safer to figure out how to use these than depend on some ‘one-click’ option. Thank you for writing, but it is perhaps not the answer I am looking for, regrettably.

You can still find various websites online offering the old variations of Freemake Video Converter: Afterdawn; pcworld and Oldversion. So, I am still interested to know: Can anybody please tell me that has been the first variation to introduce the watermark logo design at the conclusion of a 5 min duration video? Many thanks. One other thought. Never take what’s printed in the enhance records as gospel – you can view that your version already includes the logos. What if ALL versions included this constraint?. A logic will state that this so.

Why would a course offer un-restricted useage when the whole point will be sell the darn thing?. Choose the Gold License, I did 2. It’s maybe not essential the problem be solved, only that the blame for the error is assigned correctly.

And there’s somat else in me personally that says that this 5 min problem has long been there. The complete purpose is to offer the darn thing. Why give useage over a full movie? We looked on my drive, I got Freemake Video Converter from , version 2. the reason why visit all that trouble. Once I made the blunder of upgrading Freemake and found all of the restictions this forum suggested 4K.

I’ve been a delighted user from the time. Never ever had any not work. In just about every various other aspect I would favor avidemux. Detailed configurations utilizing sliders or typing variety of primary codecs, supporting Nvenc maybe not much detailed settings and much better AAC codec, that will be bad in Vidcoder.

Also much better filters. Potential made aesthetic slices. Similar is VD2. Initially Published by vinckles. Thank you for writing.

I am not very certain what you’re saying? Will you be saying that Freemake, these days, can in someway exert an impact on the older variations of their softwares and that all the older versions starting with a ‘3’ have already been rubbished? I have already been testing old versions: 3. These will be great softwares when they would work on all functions! If Freemake can somehow affect and ‘rubbish’ the older variations, does any person understand of an easy way to prevent such an influence, kindly?

I was making use of an adult type of Freemake Video Converter, don’t have the variation number but it had been before any of ecommerce was a concern. We used it sometimes to transform movies to mp3 or webm to mp4. All of those other options were grayed out. I had blocked this system’s usage of the world-wide-web utilizing ZoneAlarm, just how did it choose to replace the way it worked? We uninstalled it when this occurs. It absolutely was a pretty good program and it also could tear sound CDs. I would ike to contain it working once again, but i am perhaps not likely to spend a company that offered it free-of-charge then pulled the connect on it.

Originally Published by clemenzina. Initially Posted by JoeS I also have an older form of their particular Video Downloader that I use occasionally. There was a thread someplace about that program. Maybe it monitors all Freemake apps.

Old versions 3. Turning the net down before installing Does Not Work. We need an alternative strategy. Final edited by mike; 1st Oct at Alright, I’m not sure if this may benefit someone else variation 4. I removed the Video Converter entry. I didn’t note which key it absolutely was under, sorry. The program generally seems to work using the complete convert selection. We converted a quick file to mp4 as a test plus it seemed to work as expected. No Freemake logo design either, but we never ever saw that before anyway.

Time will tell if it reverts to not-working, then I would personally take to deleting any registry entries that could exist. I do not use the program constantly myself.

Last edited by JoeS99; 4th Oct at i am unsure we follow you all of the way thru, Joe, but the length of time was your “short” lodge? As you appear to know what you are doing it might be great if you could you will need to get variation 3. wondering what is really so unique relating to this payware that cannot be done easily with any free option.

Reminds myself Mediacoder. Conglomerate of free sources. Absolutely nothing more. And price is Nasty with huge N. This bond generally seems to me personally be ad and inform other people that such Nastyware exists with eyesight someone will purchase it.

Golden licence also mentioned here btw I tried installing old version 3. It wanted to update i did not , and also the convert menu was grayed down for most file types. It also all messed up my version 4.

If I ran the exe in the 4. i did so something Restore and therefore don’t appear to assist. I ended up moving the Folder for 4. I didn’t think to decide to try by using 3.

Oh well, I’m perhaps not messing along with it today, possibly someone else has the time. Freemake can use a variety of Registry tips and Application Data for control. Just frustrating for me personally right now, but I do not like to flub up my device. I suggest copying the Freemake Video Converter folder to a different location and generating a shortcut to it. I happened to be too tired to think of that with 3.

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Aug 30,  · Old variations of Freemake sound Converter. Latest Version. Freemake sound Converter revealed: – 5 years ago old models. Freemake Audio Converter circulated: – 9 years ago. Points System. When you upload software to you can get rewarded by points. For every industry that is done precisely, things would be rewarded, some industries tend to be recommended but the much more you provide the more you are getting rewarded! Jul 08,  · Our antivirus evaluation indicates that this install is clean. Widely known versions on the list of pc software people are , and Freemake Video Downloader may also be named “Freemake Video”, “Freemake Video Downloader “, “Freemake Video Downloader versin”. The actual designer associated with the free system is Ellora Assets Corporation.

Variation history Freemake Video Downloader brand-new fix. Simple tips to. Assist us. Version record Freemake Video Downloader. Increased overall security associated with the program. Several small bug fixes. Enhanced performance for working with video clip hostings web pages.

Totally removed third-party adverts in installers. Improved the overall stability of this software. Fixed the issue with YouTube videos install. Added an alternative to down load original YouTube sound in M4A without transformation. Fixed the matter with Facebook video down load Several minor bug repairs. Enhanced the software security Several minor bug fixes.

Digital trademark updated. Kindly reinstall Freemake products to continue using Freemake software with additional protection. Help more YouTube movie attributes.

Fixed the matter with Dailymotion video download. Improved “One-click” mode behavior Fixed the issues with incorrect file brands for Nicovideo Removed “Extract audio” option. Fixed the issue with Hulu video download Fixed the matter with Youku video grab. Added the chance to download YouTube video clips in qualities available in YouTube player Fixed the situation with YouTube p install Fixed the difficulty with YouTube Vevo p, p video download Fixed the problem with Vimeo download YouTube 4k video download temporary isn’t supported.

Included the automatic upgrade method for YouTube Vevo install which allows to repair YouTube Vevo download without computer software reinstallation by end-users. Fixed the situation with Vevo videos install Fixed the matter with Dailymotion video down load. Fixed the issue with YouTube videos download. Included the help for globotv.

Fixed export to iTunes for YouTube playlists download Fixed the concern with Chrome options reset after upgrade Minor changes and improvements. Fixed the matter with Dailymotion movie download Fixed the matter with Twitter video download Fixed the problem with Vkontakte movie download. Added the support for YouTube channels, user playlists and favorites download Added the likelihood to transform YouTube playlist to MP3 Improved the application security small bug fixes.

Included the support for Hulu install Added the assistance for Saymove. Added YouTube download key for internet explorer Added this new plug-in for Internet Explorer Added the assistance for pandora. Fixed the problem with specific videos install from YouTube. A few major bug repairs linked to interior software services. Added the language modification component into the program Added crash reports delivering Fixed the issue with Chrome plugin a few bug fixes.

Included the help for TubePlus. Yandex, Movie. Added the support for Howcast. Fixed the matter with file disappearing following the install is complete Minor GUI changes. Resolved the issue of Twitter video clips downloading Some minor changes and improvements. Added the help for Vevo. Reduced how big. Web 4. Added the support for MTV.

Included the support for Nicovideo. Several small bug fixes Minor GUI and user interface improvements. Included the ability of getting HD videos from Facebook solved the issue of downloading Facebook videos which is why account information is required. Fixed the difficulty of Pornhub video clip inaccessibility because of movie hosting changes small GUI and interface improvements.

Improved the graphical section of downloadable video clip information solved the matter of downloading of age-restricted video clips fixed the matter of downloading of personal video clips small GUI and screen improvements.

Fixed the problem of transformation to MP3 Several minor bug fixes. Added the help for 4K YouTube video clip quality Added new elements Supported web pages, Intro movie to the interface for better friend with all the program exhibited the development information in Microsoft windows 7 taskbar. Included the support for Stupidvideos.