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Free-to-play mobile game Star Wars: Galactic Defense released today; watch a truck today. The free-to-play online game can be obtained today for iOS , Android os , and Amazon products. DeNA claims Galactic Defense could be the first free-to-play tower security mobile game to feature both prequel and classic Star Wars content. In the game, you are going to choose a side–Empire or Rebellion–and see popular Star conflicts areas such Hoth and Tatooine. Players can use as much as three champions at the same time during fight, plus the online game features system connection so you can sync up together with your pals.

Galactic Defense features a single-player promotion mode and online multiplayer, and DeNA says it’s going to upgrade the video game frequently with brand-new content to help keep things fresh. Discover a trailer for Galactic Defense above and some screenshots in the gallery below. If you’re perhaps not into cellular games, EA happens to be taking care of several Star Wars games for console. A person is the first-person shooter Star Wars: Battlefront , that may launch in getaway one other, in accordance with reports, is an open-world role-playing online game becoming created by former Uncharted veteran Amy Hennig.

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Your tactical understanding and real-time decision-making will likely be stretched into the restriction while you set about a journey to defend a galaxy far, far-away within the interesting tower protection mobile online game, Star. Dec 03,  · The description of Star Wars ™: Galactic Defense App. Your tactical knowledge and realtime decision-making will undoubtedly be stretched to the limit as you embark on a journey to protect a galaxy far, far within the exciting tower protection cellular online game, celebrity Wars™: Galactic Defense. You have to creatively coordinate your defenses and make use of powerful champions, including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, to devastate waves of adversary assaults 8/10(2). anti-air turbolaser tower one of the Empire’s most powerful security tools, the anti-air turbolaser tower are made to thwart inbound fighter attacks. Featuring two cannons, it’s significant because of its range and accuracy. The Empire frequently lined anti-air turbolaser towers together to produce a blockade.

The overall game occurred in a wide variety of eras, spanning both the prequel together with initial trilogies. The video game ended up being launched on September 24 , , and released on October 30, In mid-February , DeNA announced the production of 10 new missions on the planet Coruscant, combined with ultimate shutdown regarding the online game. On March 6, , the overall game was not readily available for grab. Eventually, on April 28, , DeNA shut down the video game’s hosts, making it unplayable.

Experience the Star Wars world as at the very top tower defense power when you look at the no-cost cellular online game Star Wars: Galactic Defense. This video game propels the original tower protection style into a galaxy far, far by seamlessly blending iconic characters, adrenaline-fueled battles, and strategic game play into a thrilling one of a kind cellular experience. Another instance is Tarfful yelling “hnn-rowr yrroonn nng rarr,” a quote which initially starred in the Legends comic Empire’s End and meant “long stay the New Republic ” in Shyriiwook.

In the limited-time event “Jedi search,” two brand-new playable figures had been put into the game—a gray-haired Ben Kenobi , and Darth Maul with cybernetic legs—a reference to the Star Wars: Visionaries comic Old Wounds. One is found in the Champion description for Luke Skywalker in his Jedi clothing, which talks of just how he intends to “finish just what he started” which will be similar to exactly what Ren says within the film’s formal truck , talking about very early conjecture that Luke was really Ren, which ended up being eventually disproven.

The other a person is an in-game glitch occurring during intense battles concerning ranged units firing a huge number of blaster bolts at each various other, for which some of the bolts freeze in midair for the rest of the amount. It is certainly one of Ren’s unique energy capabilities. The overall game also introduces a few never-before-seen units, like the B1 Grapple Droid.

Tatooine 10 amounts : “When rebel spies obtain information that could resulted in destruction associated with the Empire’s new secret tool , the 2 causes practice battle at first glance for this arid and hot wilderness globe.

Hoth 10 amounts : “The Rebel Alliance has built a base on this desolate world covered in ice and snowfall, but the Empire has actually found is area and it has ready a large-scale floor assault to destroy it.

Endor 10 levels : “The Empire has actually arranged an enormous guard generator with this tiny woodland moon nearby the Outer Rim , however the Rebel Alliance features delivered a covert attack group to attack and destroy the Imperial outpost. Geonosis 10 levels : “when it’s discovered that huge droid foundries are generating the Separatist droid military led by amount Dooku , the Galactic Republic dispatches the Jedi to your arid wilderness world to destroy the procedure entirely.

Felucia 10 levels : “The dense and humid Outer Rim planet becomes a battleground for control of the galaxy’s trade paths as Republic and Separatist causes fight to secure the benefit in a never-ending battle. Kashyyyk 10 levels : “The wroshyr tree covered Wookiee home planet is an important hub into the Mid Rim portion of the galaxy. Once the Separatists invade, the Republic is threatened aided by the loss of the crucial system.

Coruscant 10 amounts : “since the money city of the Galactic Republic, Coruscant is residence to many senators additionally the Supreme Chancellor himself. The Separatist special forces will attempt to interrupt the power of the Senate. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have an account? Begin a Wiki. Would you like this video? Enjoy Sound.

Groups :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Celebrity Wars Galactic Defense there was dispute within the galaxy. Lots of celebrity systems are involved in the fight between good and bad, light and dark.

Champions possess chance to be legends because they struggle for galactic control achieves globes far and near. Opponents and allies are produced on battlefields where destinies tend to be determined. Your objective is always to lead your chosen side within the battle to replace peace and order. But beware, there is risk around every place, and just full focus additionally the sharpest skills helps win the day and protected total victory Zam Wesell Mace Windu Yoda.