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Like numerous right here I also put it to use in a technical context – tracking tasks in Engineering projects, with a brand new apply for each task. The organization associated with the tasks fall into two categories, ad-hoc and scheduled with all the latter being planned initially in MS venture before being imported and appending in TDL during execution. The reasoning behind moving the jobs to TDL is mainly because discover it better for “micro” task control than a full blown task planning tool.

I also put it to use together with freemind – design down activities in Freemind before once again importing to TDL. I take advantage of the stylesheets for offering reports but these are primarily internal for the team. Another key facet of the device that i personally use may be the task managing – the capacity to easily and quickly reorganise record as essential – the hotkeys are available in really handy right here!

For residence, my needs tend to be slightly different simple listings, mobile, various platforms, synchronization and so I make use of another system. Tips: just how are people using Todolist? Peter Harman. Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Show original message. Either mail details tend to be private with this team or perhaps you require the view user email details authorization to look at the initial message. Simply a broad query into the group – exactly how tend to be men and women utilising the program?

Recently my task changed from Blue collar to White collar and discovered various uses with this software during my part such as for instance a knowledge base, far beyond the initial objective of a GTD part. Tony G. As an application designer with a little intercontinental clientele, We have a.

They may be many different. Some desire estimates before work begins. Some want only summary time logs, others desire detail. We never archive tasks because i do want to manage to report on activity for at the least a year.

My structure is to click on the time signing button as soon as we start doing something, and to unclick it when done. My time reporting used to be much more flexible, stating “roughly” to the closest 5 minutes after which rounding up or down to the closest quarter-hour. Now with rigid use of ToDoList, I report every second to the th of an hour or so two decimal places. On one hand I feel unusual literally stating every 2nd, on the contrary my clients appear comfortable knowing that this time isn’t expected or adjusted but acutely precise.

For payment we submit my hours to my bookkeeping division along side a Transform using a stylesheet. An invoice is produced and emailed to clients because of the report. We occasionally find myself wondering just what the cut-off date had been for invoicing certain consumers. So I need create a separate. As a result, for my manufacturing usage i am still running v6.

At some time when there will be no more dilemmas trickling in on 7. I’m using Todolist for mechanical service, projects building manufacturing outlines , easy jobs welding safty barier. I’ve one tab for fast task one tab for projects one loss for sales. I really hope Todolist will go more for industrial ,construction website.

I am hoping you guys will develope quick option to place difrent people to diffrent task each day and salary to own complete tool for project cost basic on hours invest.

I am successfully composing a casino game Design Document by using this pc software. I enjoy arrange things hierarchically. Juan de Arriba. I’m using TDL for project managament. That application sounds more like a Manufacturing Resources preparing MRP system, which is why a lot of companies pay tens of thousands of dollars. In the event that you could define particular requirements for the business-specific purposes then someone might volunteer to generate a customized answer for your needs. Perhaps your company could be prepared to buy such development services, or trade your services generating a model for code.

HTH T. Which Is awesome. It really is easy to prepare content, sub-categorize, prioritize, then examine down content as full. It can help with business similar to this and I can link TDL tasks aided by the content here. Numerous ways. Looking towards filtering by custom feature to make it far better for this.

I somehow have a problem with the discipline needed I do not make use of TDL for time logging. We mostly put it to use for my own work. I have considered using it for task resource preparation, but have not had the time to sort out how this will most readily useful work. I accustomed you will need to operate one large TDL for work, and another for house, using filters, types etc to see just what will be done at any time.

I discovered this also complex to run efficiently, and so I will have numerous split tasklists for projects or subjects, loosely linked by a summary tasklist like a portfolio tasklist. However complex, but there is less searching waste involved somehow.

Great having you up to speed Johannes! Also noted today that the Kanban extension you can reduce view as to what needs to be done this week – really handy. It is very difficult to acquire great computer software for my task. I am doing solution for big factor. Each day the providing as diffrent task a few of them including products some onyly many work. Some task tend to be for half-hour some for couple of days. Often on auction my business win huge project like machine system , test and begin up.

For every single work i need to make raport and after they develop order and I also can invoice. When I discover to do record I became sceptic but after few days with this particular computer software I discover it is therefore versatile!!! And now i will do every think with this software many aspects remain missing for my.

Essentially i can not complain it”s great option. Never left. Been lurking and keeping up with the codeproject page, but haven’t had the data transfer to really engage with the new interaction frameworks.

Life and work have been in the way in which. Transmission will remain patchy for some time I fear. Surprised the way you keep it up. Brendan T. Hello Zajchap, how can you connect the patient tasklists to the overview tasklist? We believed referencing could simply be done within a single listing.

Hi Brendan, The fast response is I don’t. The review tasklist has a line item per project or development, generally without any kiddies creates a better looking Gantt. I then have actually an independent tasklist with the task plan of a single project. There is no automated link between your tasklists – although I guess I could place a file link into the review to open up the relevant tasklist – have not thought about that before?

Would spend a long time seeking suitable place. Another thing i’ve discovered over time is we today limit the levels of hierarchy in a tasklist to 2 or 3. I used to decrease 5, 6, or 7 levels deeply, but as time passes I have discovered this numerous and variable quantities of moms and dad jobs complicates things and makes getting a summary and reporting more difficult.

Keith Collyer. I work in a role with several focus places, and occasional one-offs, and so I have create the major focus areas as top-level activities and developed lower-level tasks for the detail. Generally only need one or two additional amounts. I mostly utilize the Kanban board add-on. I don’t have much detailed task management, it is mostly task management for myself and my staff.

Equally a side note We have simply utilized this pc software to get ready for a sizable audit, set the variables needed in a list, allocated resources needed and timeframes. Once the demands had been inspected they could be ticked off. The cool thing ended up being I was able to put on an overhead projector and displayed to your auditor aswell.

Worked well and managed to record every issue needed. Peter, you noted this thread as perfect. Will there be anything as “Complete” on a comments bond? I am going to include records discovered right here to your wiki as time licenses. In my experience, that resource is really as much about how exactly folks utilize TDL in the real life as it is about how to utilize the software it self in terms of which controls to click.

I will relate solely to this Peter. During my jobs, it is top record because of the most detail taped. I never had to utilise it for an audit though, touch lumber! Am Montag, I simply would you like to let the devs understand that this system is great and therefore its difficult to find one like that. Keep up the nice work.


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Aug 16,  · abstractspoon. /. ToDoList_ Use Git or checkout with SVN with the web Address. Work fast with this formal CLI. Learn more. If nothing occurs, install GitHub Desktop and attempt once again. If nothing occurs, install GitHub Desktop and attempt . Aug 17,  · ToDoList is totally no-cost and it is available here (link eliminated). ToDoList is certified under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. ToDoList is a rare kind of task administration tool, one that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more workable pieces whilst still presenting on a clean and intuitive user experience. abstractspoon has 14 repositories available. Follow their signal on Country: Sydney, Australia.

Platform Please donate. ToDoList is completely no-cost and it is available here connect removed. ToDoList is a rare type of task management tool, one that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your jobs into more manageable pieces whilst still presenting a clear and intuitive consumer experience. Tasklists tend to be kept in XML which gives many possibilities for advanced formatting and printing using stylesheets.

It depends entirely upon which CC licence is used. Dumping all of them into a single group shows full lack of knowledge of exactly how the Creative Commons licences work. As an example, the opensource. There must be no issue with creating a portableapps form of this computer software. I do believe just what he suggests is the fact that while it is notably open source-ish, it is not an OSI-approved license. Nor can it previously be. I’ve updated my internet site as well as the next type of my computer software may also contains this change.

Certain, that actually works. May seem like an excellent license and enables you to just take as a result in to the GPL the most used open origin permit. That is also the house associated with Wiki where people are able to find help paperwork along with other helpful information. We just need to get it in PortableApps. We can help with that or do it for you personally. And you will either develop and host it yourself and record it here. Or we could host it for you. What exactly is needed to get it into PertableApps. Will there be a page somewhere i could get the information?

Try looking in the growth part, and at the area guide. This software will be a great addition into the portableapps collection. Skip to main content. ToDoList by AbstractSpoon. Log in or register to create feedback. Final post. August 17, – am. Final seen: 7 years 9 months ago.

Joined: ToDoList has been doing constant development going back 5 years and is an ongoing task. Last seen: one year 6 hours ago. Final seen: 11 years 8 months ago. Creative commons licenced computer software may or is almost certainly not available supply. John T. Last seen: 52 min 39 sec ago. Not OSI. The innovative commons licenses aren’t meant to be combined with computer software. Occasionally, the impossible may become possible, if you should be awesome! August 17, – pm. Exactly what then?

What is an appropriate OSI-approved permit then? August 19, – am. Shall we upload again once all of the changes have been in place? September 24, – am. Finally Sorted.

My prefered grab Address is link eliminated this is certainly also the home regarding the Wiki where users will get help paperwork as well as other helpful information. Can there be whatever else i have to do to get endorsement from PortableApps. October 11, – pm. October 22, – am. What Exactly Is Required. Very good news John. Chris Morgan. Last seen: 5 years year ago.

I’m a Christian and a creator and moderator right here. October 12, – am. Final seen: 12 months 1 month ago. Good Program. Create new account demand brand-new password. Simply Brand New Apps Lover with PortableApps. About PortableApps.