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NOTE: when you have more than one Logitech keyboard together with K Keyboard that came with your MK Desktop combination isn’t currently displayed, click the down-arrow icon next to the current product name and select Wave Keyboard K from the drop-down selection that presents. NOTE: You can click on the “? Like the programmable keys, the F-Keys could be set to perform specific functions.

NOTE: the images within the list fit those shown over the figures on the purpose tips. As an example: My Home is F1. Pick the task you need to assign into the chosen purpose secret from the choose Task list.

If you like, you possibly can make these programmed functions happen and never having to hold-down the FN key when you click an F-key. Alternatively, you will need to hold down the FN key for the default F-key functions. To make this change, select the Swap F secret features check box shown above. Click the battery icon from the left toolbar to display the Keyboard Batteries display screen and look your battery pack status.

Click on the disabling icon from the left toolbar to show the Keyboard Inactive Keys display screen. To pair your Unifying receiver with over one Unifying unit, proceed with the on-screen guidelines given within the Logitech Unifying Software screen.

To use the other options that come with the Unifying software, click the Advanced key. Always check our Logitech Warranty here. Welcome to Logitech Support. This tutorial demonstrates how to make use of these functions into the Logitech SetPoint Mouse and Keyboard Software: Customizing programmable keys Programming purpose keys Checking battery status Disabling keys utilizing the Unifying Software Customizing automated tips To change crucial tasks, arranged a desktop search tool, assign keystrokes and more: Launch the Logitech SetPoint Mouse and Keyboard Software.

Click the “F” icon regarding the remaining toolbar to produce the F Key Settings display screen. Into the choose F Key area, choose the function key you want to modify. Checking battery pack standing you should check your keyboard’s electric battery status in SetPoint. Click okay to leave SetPoint. Disabling tips You can disable secrets that you do not usually make use of. Choose the checkbox close to any secret you want to disable. Icon for detail by detail information among these choices. Click on the Unifying symbol regarding the remaining toolbar to show the Unifying screen.

Click the Open Unifying computer software button to start the program. Show All Packages.


How to use logitech setpoint.Customizing my MK Keyboard with Logitech SetPoint software – Logitech Support + Grab

Jul 03,  · See also the associated article at video clip ha. Thank you for visiting Logitech Support. Join Starting Out FAQ Community Downloads Warranty Specifications Free Areas Gallery SetPoint. More. Examine our Logitech Warranty right here. Make the Most of your warranty. Join Your Product FIle a Warranty Claim. To program a function key: publish the Logitech SetPoint mouse and keyboard computer software. Start > Programs > Logitech > Mouse and Keyboard > Mouse and Click the My Keyboard tab near the top of the SetPoint Settings screen. Select your keyboard through the product drop-down menu at .

It all doesn’t work. Step: today allows try this!!! Open Setpoint and click from the Tools loss, in the event your without the tabs to begin with then Step 7: Click on your apparent product it when you look at the left panel in case your device ISN’T listed then click “set a New Device” Your Tab for your respective unit, may have showed up through this this task but be sure to continue steadily to browse the other actions you will definitely benefit. You ought to be seeing something similar to this picture.

Step 8: as your product is already paired you ought to unpair it this is the reason you will need a Second Mouse for this.

Step 9: Using your 2nd Mouse click “Unifying Receiver” and you should see an alternative like this example below. Step Final action. Click “set a New Device” and follow instructions and there you’ve got it. You should visit your respective devices tab appear via SetPoint window.

If various other devices we’re detailed or perhaps you have both a Logitech Wireless Keyboard and a Logitech Mouse or any other cordless Logitech Peripheral you’ll tie them both together into a single Unifying Dongle. Also please do this through the Advanced solution, in the same way shown.

Please sign in to leave a remark. To repair this dilemma. You’ll need: A Second Mouse. Current launch of Setpoint. Logitech Unifying Computer Software. Orange Square Unifying Logo on your own offered dongle looks like this. When you have all that you happy fella then proceed with the directions below. Step one: connect in your logitech product dongle. Watch for computer system to recognize it. These devices I’m demonstrating with could be the “Keyboard K” placed in the remaining panel.

Action 8: as your unit has already been paired you’ll want to unpair it this is why you’ll need an additional Mouse to do this Click “Un-pair” Move 9: Using your Second Mouse click “Unifying Receiver” and you ought to see a choice like this instance below.

Best Regards, Ryan P. several product settings could be scrolled via drop down option. Example below:. Sort by Date Ballots. MichaelKenward 19 March Comment activities Permalink. MichaelKenward 31 March Zafira 18 July Carter 27 July MichaelKenward 20 December MichaelKenward 26 December Vanwhosits 07 November MichaelKenward 07 November Solitaire 18 February MichaelKenward 18 February Solitaire 19 February MichaelKenward 19 February Solitaire 20 February MichaelKenward 20 February