X2 underwater jetpack.The x2 jet pack allows you to effectively rise underwater like a dolphin


X2 underwater jetpack.X2 Underwater Jet Pack


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You cannot fly like Superman through the atmosphere. It uses two trusters, one attached to each arm, to propel you through the water at speeds of up to 6mph and depths as high as 30 feet, while a backpack offers the energy. The connected analog throttle grip makes it easy to manage, and it will operate for as much as an hour on a single cost, or means longer than you are able to hold your air.

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X2 underwater jetpack.The x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack | Indiegogo

Sep 17,  · A short introduction into the x2 Sport, the globes very first wearable propulsion system for swimmers and snorkelers. Oct 15,  · X2’s new Sport Underwater Jet Pack is currently being beta tested. Utilizing an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, potential water jetters can get in on the very first beta version for Author: Lori Zimmer. Oct 15,  · The x2 isn’t going to scoot you past a speed vessel any time soon, however the jet pack could possibly get you moving to 6 miles each hour, that is way quicker than .

If swimming is simply not your thing, x2 is here to use the work out it for your needs. The non-public propulsion system boosts the underwater experience, permitting swimmers to drive forward with the elegance of a dolphin.

Along with scuba gear or a respiration device, the device can let underwater explorers dive deeper, quicker. The complex Hydra thrusters raise your swim speed to quicker than an Olympic swimmer, with all the current power on your hands.

To trigger the machine, what you need to do is aim your hands, and squeeze the throttle hold to move ahead. The energy pack rests on your back, maintaining it properly out of the way. The rate is managed quickly in your hands, making for a completely different swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving knowledge.

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Signup with Inhabitat we consent to get e-mails from the website. The x2 jet pack enables you to effectively soar underwater like a dolphin.